Art Exhibition

To further encourage and provoke death conversations in the community, in November 2020 an exciting art exhibition called Death and Transformation is opening in Christchurch. Five New Zealand artists are each creating a series of work for this event based on their own unique relationships with grief, loss and death.

We invite you to the opening of ‘Death & Transformation’

5 - 7pm, Tuesday November 24th, 2020
The Welder Event Room • 20 Welles St, Christchurch
Free entry with ticket • Complimentary glass of bubbles and canapees

Five reasons to come

Following the 2nd Death Matters Conference, the exhibition invites you to join the death conversation in a fresh and inspiring way - without even having to say say anything.


Join us at the opening where you can meet the artists and have the first opportunity to their creations. All work is for sale with the majority of proceeds returned to the artists.

Meet the artists


Lace Luminaries

I will always be an artist. I am inspired in so many ways by the human experience. It feels especially rewarding to have a growing
collection of my work held in private homes in New Zealand, England, France, Switzerland and the U.S.A.


I am inspired by light and shadow, pattern and form. My lace luminaries evolved from a love of fabric and hand sewing and were
influenced by the sculptural processes of Louise Bourgoise and Eva Hesse. Each luminarie is as unique as each piece of fabric I work
from. This is a delight for me, as I stitch pieces together and then build a supporting mould which allows me to apply multiple layers of
a durable ceramic urethane to form a one of a kind standing temple of light.


Tin Man

Tony Cribb spent his childhood in stubbies making SodaStream fizzy drinks and doodling pictures. Nothing much has changed over the
years - except for the fizzy being replaced with cups of tea... and maybe a sneaky coffee.


Cribb has been exhibiting in galleries throughout New Zealand since 2001, with his works being held in private collections both locally
and internationally. His style can best be described as QUIRKY with a dark sense of humour.

Much of Cribb’s work revolves around themes of goals and journeys and the difficulties inherent in both. But with a typically light touch
his work is ultimately encouraging and inspiring.


Portals of Light

Who would’ve thought that when I left the Police Force 5 years ago, with no idea as to what I was going to do, that I would end up creating and selling my own art as well as teaching others how to paint too? Nope! Not me! I didn’t even know I was creative!”


It was a desire to buy some large funky artwork for my large white walls but couldn’t find anything I like which got me started. And once
I did - I just couldn’t stop!”


Brenda has also developed a very popular series of workshops for artistic beginners and stressed out corporates called Become a
Creative Giant. She regularly helps people of all ages unblock their creative flow through a guided and playful painting process.


Heart Stones

Danny Summers, is the son of renowned McCormacks Bay sculptor Llew Summers. Danny started ‘playing around’ with sculpting using
copper when he was 25. When his father fell sick about a year before he died, he told Danny to ‘pull his finger out’ and start working with stone. After Llew handed over his equipment, Danny began cutting, grinding and polishing stone.
Danny feels his father has left him a legacy.


‘I will never be as good as him but then I’m different. I guess it’s not that my work is not as good. It’s just different.’
Danny lives in Oxford and works on Loudon Farm three days a week, doing maintenance and all creative landscaping around the farm.


Grief and Love

Elizabeth Love is known for her works which often are inspired by her Christian beliefs and use of expressive colourism and sometimes
text. Her desire to help others has led her to complete the Masters of Arts in Arts Therapy (Clinical) Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design in Auckland and gaining first class honours, she graduated during lock down.


Art therapy uses different types of art as a form of psychotherapy to enhance individuals’ physical, mental, emotional, relational and
spiritual well being. ‘The emphasis is on the process of creating and meaning-making, rather than on the end product. It is suitable for
all ages, and for many different life situations. During each session, the arts therapist and client work together to understand and make
meaning from the creative process or product.’


Love has always been interested in art and creativity as part of everyday life.

5 - 7pm, Tuesday November 24th, 2020
The Welder Event Room • 20 Welles St, Christchurch
Free entry with ticket • Complimentary glass of bubbles and canapees


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Very thought-provoking, inspiring, connecting. Overall loved it —2019 CONFERENCE FEEDBACK


2nd Annual DEATH MATTERS Conference

—A Day of Exploration & Discovery

Seven speakers and  eight workshops presenting a variety of vital and fascinating  death related topics



November 20th, 2020

9:45am - 5:15pm



Central Library

1st Floor - TSB Place

60 Cathedral Square


New Zealand

Who is it for

Although there were health professionals, counsellors, funeral directors and celebrants at last year's conference, the event is very much designed to engage the general community. The goal is to create connection, stimulate conversation, provoke new thinking and loosen up about the subject of death.

The presentations and workshops are chosen for their interest and relevance for all of us.


Tickets will be available for sale from August 20, 2020

• Early Bird  $115 - limited tickets

• Regular Price  $155

• There are a small number of seats set aside in case of hardship. Please email 

• Covid-19: If you cannot attend the conference due to Covid-19 (or if the conference has to be cancelled) 

   your ticket price will be refunded in full

Contact Us

To learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch


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