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The Workshops

Choose TWO: one for the morning and another for the afternoon


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Workshop with Zenith Virago

Q&A on DWT

Zenith is a pioneer and way-shower in death and in life. After hearing her presentation in the earlier plenary session, this is a rare chance to ask questions and dive deeper into Zenith's body of work in the death realm.

This is a hosted segment with audience participation welcome.


TSB Space - Main Lecture Room


  • Maximum number of participants: Unlimited

  • Duration - 45 minutes

  • Morning only

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Workshop with Rev. Meghan Don

Q & A Meghan's Presentation


How to be with the dying, and how to be emotionally and spiritually prepared for our own deaths. Meghan will share more stories and examples as well as answer questions on her presentation.


Spark Place - Ground Floor


  • Maximum number of participants: 50

  • Duration - 45 minutes

  • Morning only  

even the most longed for,....



have their melancholy;....


Advance Care Plans - Get Started Today

Starting an Advance Care Plan (ACP) is a great step towards living well with serious illness, empowering us with a voice in our healthcare journey when we can no longer speak for ourselves. An Advance Care Plan may also provide clarity over our End of Life wishes; taking stress and anxiety off our loved ones shoulders, allowing them to act with confidence when we lack capacity. 


We now know that having an ACP helps keep people out of hospital, and supports people to die in the place of their choice. 

Advance Care Planning is more than just filling out forms, it is the beginning of a conversation about serious illness, prognosis and our mortality; an opportunity for us to think about what is important now, how we like to make decisions, as well as what care and treatment we would like in the future.

Hosted by: Jenna Cook and Karla Olorenshaw, ACP Facilitators and Professional Trainers for the CDHB


Activity Room


  • Maximum number of participants: 20 per class

  • All materials provided

  • Duration - 45 minutes

  • Class offered in the morning and repeats in the afternoon.


Workshop with Claire Turnham

Q&A on Home Death Care

Claire will share deeper insights and stories as to what's involved in caring for the body of a deceased loved one at home. Are we the best ones to take care of our loved ones in death? A frank discussion covering common concerns about body care - both in the home and at a funeral home, plus what we can do to be better prepared. Questions welcome.



TSB Main Conference Room


  • Maximum number of participants: Unlimited

  • Afternoon only

  • Duration - 45 minutes

for what we leave behind us...



is a part of ourselves;....

Workshop with Jacqueline Mitchell

Q & A on Touching Heaven

In her Q&A as well as answering questions, Jacqueline will share some brief messages from loved ones for a few members of the audience.


Spark Place - Ground Floor


  • Maximum number of participants: 50

  • Afternoon only

  • Duration - 45 minutes


Demonstration* with Donna Sutherland

Christchurch Coffin Club

Donna Sutherland and her assistant Jill Newton are bringing along a full-size DIY coffin. This is a chance to drop by their booth and find out more about the kiwi club that has become a global phenomenon. You might be considering a DIY coffin for yourself or a family member or just want to explore this option for future reference. This is a great way to find out more. 



Activity Room


  • Donna and Jill will be on hand during the day to answer questions and give you an up close look at one of their recently finished coffins.

  • *This is a demonstration rather than a workshop. You dont need to book in, and can drop by any time during the day.

The Coffin Club is a community group like no other - they make and customise coffins! Born in the back of a Rotorua garage 10 years ago, the Coffin Club has since evolved into a bustling cottage enterprise with clubs springing up all over NZ.

Every coffin is decorated by hand to reflect the life of its maker, and costs less than $500 to make - a much cheaper option to commercial coffins.


Donna set up the Christchurch Coffin Club 5 years ago. She and her team mate Jill Newton have been helping people paint and decorate their 'underground furniture'  ever since. They work in tandem wiith the Bishopdale Menzshed who build the coffins and Angel boxes for them to finish.

we must die to one life, before we can enter another

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